About us

It has always been the company’s goal to provide, as our slogan suggests, “Professional Surface Land Consulting – With Integrity”. A summary of the linkage is broken down as follows:

1. Our true business is service.

2. Our mission is: “We provide exceptional service, ensuring advancement and success!” At Integrity Land Inc., everything we do and the way in which we conduct our business must be guided by our mission. This mission is focused upon and provides the objective for all internal and external operations; how we go about our day to day business and tasks both internally, and from a project perspective for all of our internal and external clients. The focus on providing exceptional service ensures advancement and success for our clients and their projects, for all staff as individuals and as a group, and for our entire company, as a whole. It is not possible to have one without the other! (Advancement and success could not be achieved without providing exceptional service.)

3. Our services are focused within Western Canada and our goal is to deliver: “Professional Surface Land Consulting – With Integrity”.

4. This means that we uphold the principles of Character, Honesty, Soundness, Completeness, which include many traits, not to mention fair and ethical treatment of all staff, clients, vendors and service providers, landowners and stakeholders and each other; safety in our operations; accuracy and attention to detail; putting our best efforts forth to deliver a premier product and service in a timely manner to clients; honesty in billing; and responsibility to our environment, our world and people in general.