Integrity Land specializes in


  • Surface Rights Acquisition, Administration and Management
  • Public and Stakeholder Consultation, Project Compliance Reviews and Audits
  • Pipeline Construction – Landowner Liaison Field Services
  • Real Property Purchases
  • Crown Land Sales – Planning, Posting and Confidential Name Use
  • Wetland Assessment
  • Land Assembly and Leasing of Freehold Minerals
  • Forestry Liaison, Crown Surface Land Use and Project Planning Services
  • Seismic Permitting
  • Right of Way Valuation & Negotiation


  • Surface Compliance for A&D Projects (Acquisition and Divestiture)
  • Oil Sands Exploration (OSE) Programs and Caribou Protection Plans (CPPs)
  • First Nations Consultation
  • Wildlife Sweeps & Reporting
  • Landscape Analysis Tool (LAT) Planning and Reports
  • Completion of Enhanced Approval Process
  • Rental Reviews, Damage Assessments and Settlements
  • Preparation for and Representation at Surface Rights Board Hearings
  • In-House Staff Placement

Surface Rights Acquisition, Administration and Management

As part of our services, we act as a liaison between our clients, government agencies, Surface Rights Board, landowners/occupants and other stake holders to ensure each project is successfully completed on budget and on time. We employ an experienced team of highly skilled, professional individuals who specialize in projects both big and small and are dedicated to accomplishing all of your surface land requirements. In addition, we make certain that clients are compliant with the personal consultation and notification requirements of the energy sector’s vast regulatory requirements for various types of projects. For licensing and/or construction needs we obtain all necessary third party agreements, prepare clear and concise reporting documents and prepare complete and accurate transmittal packages. Once an acquisition has been completed we will promptly register your interest on title.

Public and Stakeholder Consultation, Project Compliance Reviews and Audits

We work up front with various public and industry stake holders to minimize objections and identify potential issues. This approach helps to minimize resurvey costs and timelines. We also work with stakeholders when an objection has been raised to resolve the issue or identify potential ways to mitigate concerns and provide information and suggestions to clients on how to deal with objections.

Pipeline Construction – Landowner Liaison Field Services

From the start of the project we will attend all kick-off meetings with construction crews and pipeline inspectors. We are committed to meeting and communicating with inspection and construction groups on a regular basis and attending to their requirements. We will make direct contact and build relationships with all stakeholders and landowners in the project areas, relay all concerns/commitments to the client and ensure that all necessary compensation has been delivered to the landowners. As part of our services our team will acquire all necessary temporary working space or routing changes and communicate those requirements to the client to ensure accuracy of client records. In addition we will measure and stake out any revised area prior to the construction crew entering, monitor the pipeline construction crew for any inadvertent trespass issues, monitor gates are being kept shut or open if requested by the landowner, and monitor that adequate fencing is in place if cattle are present. Throughout the project we will negotiate and settle damages as directed by the client, regularly provide any positive or negative feedback from the stakeholders to the client and maintain a working database or spreadsheet to accurately report all activities to the client.

Real Property Purchases

Our team field scouts and identifies properties that are or may be suitable and of interest to our clients, confidentially researches zoning, permissible uses, ownership and available history of those properties and then approaches the owners to determine interest / willingness to sell, negotiates and manages the confidential purchase transaction of various properties for our clients’ needs, and finally manager the title registrations and final transfers.

Crown Land Sales – Planning, Posting and Confidential Name Use

We prepare mosaics for areas of mutual interest showing various information such as available mineral rights, existing wells, and adjacent freehold mineral rights. Our services also include posting land for Crown Land sales, submitting bids to the Crown on behalf of our clients, allowing clients to use our name for Crown Land sale bids, administering all Leases held in Integrity Land Inc.’s name for our clients (third party inquiries, notices, solar sites, rental payments, etc.) and holding leases in Integrity Land Inc.’s name until requested to transfer them to our clients.

Land Assembly and Leasing of Freehold Minerals

We review freehold mineral titles and determine which rights are available for lease. In addition, we meet with mineral rights holders and negotiate a lease agreement including bonuses, rental payments, and royalties. We also register caveats on title to show the interest.

Forestry Liaison, Crown Surface Land Use and Project Planning Services

We review Public Land Standing Reports and wildlife referral maps upon project kickoff to initially identify any timing / wildlife / access restrictions up front. We assist and/or supervise in site scouting and routing to identify possible issues or concerns and work with Forestry and ASRD representatives to handle issues upfront to minimize project timelines. This proactive approach allows for projects to proceed more quickly through the approval process and eliminates the costs associated with resurvey. With former ASRD Forest Officers making up part of our staff, our intimate knowledge and experience with ASRD operation guidelines and approval requirements aid in keeping project issues to a minimum while enhancing the turnaround of project approvals.

Seismic Permitting

We provide site selection, first nation consultation (if required) and GFR completion on projects.  We review the proposed site / project areas and identify sensitivities including wildlife, timing, CNT’s, PNT’s, and GRL’s before reviewing and discussing projects with SRD approvals staff.  Upon completion of the program, we perform a complete program inspection and submit a Site Condition Report for Public Land Programs.

Surface Compliance for A&D Projects

Acquisition and Divestiture services are also provided by Integrity Land. With years of experience in this specialized portion of land assets, our team is able to complete extensive review of title searches, registered documents, registered SPIN plans, Abadata licences and crossings. All data is compiled onto spreadsheets for tracking. Assignment agreements are prepared and completed by the Assignor and Assignee. Once Assignments are completed,landowner notifications are sent and the Land Title transfers are prepared and registered accordingly with the appropriate Land Titles office. Final packages consist of all searches, detailed spreadsheets, all Assignment and Transfer documents as well as landowner notifications. Considerable research is sometimes necessary if proper A&D has not been previously completed.

Right of Way Valuation & Negotiation

We employ Land Agents with RWP (RWA) Certification obtained through the IRWA who can provide a valuation to assist either private clients or public agencies in the negotiation of a fair market compensation for a proposed right-of-way. Public agencies commonly acquire land for the construction or expansion of roads, highways, parks, public utilities, or public buildings and infrastructure. The process is similar to an expropriation; however, our Agents intend to negotiate a mutual agreement with all interested parties so formal legal processes can be avoided and tight timelines can be met. Our Commissioners for Oaths can register documents and complete land transfers at Land Titles

Oil Sands Exploration (OSE) Programs and Caribou Protection Plans (CPPs)

We employ staff who have extensive skills and experience in obtaining approvals for Oil Sands Exploration (OSE) Programs. Oil Sands Exploration Programs are specialized projects and requires staff who are specialized. Our staff can facilitate them successfully; while still paying attention to all the details when working with large or small programs.
For non-EAP projects we perform Caribou Protection Plans in which we review a company’s proposed plan within the identified caribou range.  We ensure that Caribou Protection Plans are prepared and submitted by the October 15 cut-off and any revisions are made by the November 30 cut-off.  In addition, we identify projected projects prior to the restricted activity period and projects proposed for summer conditions.

First Nations Consultation

We will investigate and identify first nation consultation requirements for project areas as identified by our clients. First Nation consultation is conducted on behalf of several of our clients consisting of meetings at first nation band offices, communication between first nations and clients, and in field site inspections. We can help to minimize potential impacts on first nations from our experience dealing with first nations and noting concerns previously brought forth. Integrity Land Inc. has a good working relationship with several first nations in Alberta.

Landscape Analysis Tool (LAT) Planning and Reports

We utilize LAT to identify any potential restrictions on projects prior to survey and in turn utilize LAT to create LAT reports to be used for Land withdrawal and Crown applications.  We review conditions and special restrictions identified on the LAT reports to determine application requirements and whether it will be standard or non-standard.

Completion of Enhanced Approval Process

We constantly keep up to date with EAP updates and are very familiar with conditions and standards as outlined within EAP.  We review projects to ensure the correct application type is used in terms of standard versus non-standard.  If non-standard, we work with AESRD staff to ensure that non-standard applications are acceptable prior to application and that mitigation measures are feasible from a construction point of view as well as from the AESRD staff perspective.  In addition, we communicate EAP guidelines to clients to maximize project timelines and efficiencies.

Rental Reviews, Damage Assessments and Settlements

We write and mail or deliver Lessor notification letters of right to have rental reviewed (required by legislation) if desired. Our team is experienced in rental reviews and performs thorough research in regards to current rates and trends relating to Loss of Use and Adverse Effect. Some of the resources that we utilize include other area operators and land companies / counterparts for area compensation trends and various marketing companies to assess crop yields and pricing for area crops. Our goal is to negotiate rentals but our services also include representing clients at Surface Rights Board rental review hearings if reasonable rental is not achievable.

In regards to damage assessments and settlements, we will view the affected area (either off lease impacts or the Right of Way) after construction is complete. From there our team will assess impacts and natural damages, take any photographs deemed appropriate, facilitate any further clean up work or restoration required, complete any necessary research, and undertake and complete all required negotiations in working towards reaching an acceptable and fair settlement. Once this process is complete we will obtain a release upon settlement from the stakeholder.

Preparation for and Representation at Surface Rights Board Hearings

Upon securing Right of Entry Orders for clients and obtaining notice and direction for rental review hearings we begin preparation for subsequent compensation hearings. As part of our preparation process we will coordinate appraisals when required, ensure site is visited and photographs are taken, review current and historical aerial photography, contact area operators for area compensation trends, research soil types and crop yield potentials, and finalize our position for the hearing with the client. In addition to preparing all evidence for the hearings, we will also write formal presentations for the hearings, attend the hearings as representatives for our clients, question the applicant and in turn answer questions asked by SRB members and the applicant, and provide closing remarks. Once the hearing is complete we will also advise on an offer for costs.

In-House Staff Placement

Through this service we provide temporary in-house placement and support for our clients during vacation absences, busy times, staff shortages, maternity leaves, illnesses and various other situations that call for temporary staffing. Our qualified administrative team is capable of administering surface land files for clients (including the payment of annual rentals) and processing requests / issuing third party agreements for clients.