Celebrating 25 years of “feels” and land deals from the Heartland!

25 Year Anniversary

We’ve built a lot on Integrity Land over the past 25 years. What was born from humble one room beginnings in early 1999 has transformed into thousands of kilometres of pipeline and thousands of oil & gas well projects, innovative inroads taken into early Canadian carbon capture and sequestration, and an impressive track record of utility infrastructure, power-line, urban and rural road & rail, fibre, agriculture, and renewable energy initiatives.

From our offices deep within the Industrial Heartland of Alberta, and out into the field and forests, we’ve managed, planned, consulted and collaborated to build so much upon our reputation that it’s really no wonder just how we go Above & Beyond exceptional service for our clients…And yet, these soaring heights of accomplishment have only brought us closer to the land and the everyday people we work with—be it farmer, landowner, or environmental or Indigenous group—to make the improbable agreement or difficult project possible with cool heads, kind words, and sharp minds honed with down-to-earth care, compassion, and invaluable hands-on experience.

You might even say that our uncanny ability to close the “uncloseable” deal and our uncommon durability go hand-in-hand…Because more than anything else, we like to think of our longevity as a friendly and firm handshake that’s lasted for a quarter of a century.

About Integrity Land

As a premier land services provider headquartered in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, deep in the Industrial Heartland of the province, Integrity Land is strategically situated to provide such Crown land service solutions throughout Western Canada as Crown surface land administration, application preparation and submission, Indigenous consultation, site inspection and surveys, wildlife sweeps, and acquisition of all third party agreements. Integrity Land always goes above & beyond to ensure the most fair and viable, complete, seamless, and error-free solution while satisfying all client, stakeholder (including special interest groups and ruling bodies), and regulatory requirements.

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