You’re well advised.

When working for the right-of-way, Integrity Land is working the forthright of way. And in this direct, honest and proactive approach, we aim for the most fair and viable, reliable, complete and error-free solution to ensure lasting, positive outcomes while satisfying all client, stakeholder and regulatory requirements. From small talk to legalese, Integrity Land remains responsible and accountable, transparent and impartial. Simply put, the advancement of the province through Crown, Freehold, Traditional and Reserve land rests on our word.


Growth and progress is inevitable.

It’s crucial to our economic survival, and we proudly serve as agents of positive change as we help plan and pave the way for new paths forward and new opportunities drawing business and community closer. We realize that when it comes down to earth, the simple connection to – and appreciation of – the people integral to the success of any project, should never be overlooked in the name of that progress. Nor should the ability to form a lasting bond based on mutual trust, respect and integrity over a long harvest morning coffee be undervalued.

At Integrity Land, we stand home-steadfast and firm-footed on square deals – building strong stakeholder relations so that our clients may build momentum and meet consumer demands while reducing timelines and needless cost expenditures. With our offices strategically located in Fort Saskatchewan – deep within Alberta’s Industrial Heartland, Integrity Land has chosen to remain in friendly, familiar territory… gaining valuable ground and forging lasting bonds based on our proximity not just to the many industries we serve, but to the private and public areas of development that we must reach, to the outstretched hands of the landowners, Indigenous peoples, special interest groups and ruling bodies that we must grasp, and to the collective hearts and minds of the communities that we must open.

This is not just the quickest, most efficient approach to the crops and fields of central Alberta, or even to the Crown lands of the provincial west and north, but the right approach to ensure project success. Every time.

Regardless of the complexity or magnitude of your surface or mineral land project, big ideas and bold solutions meet on Integrity Land.

Integrity Land is well-versed and well respected in the areas of:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Oilfield, pipeline and oil sands exploration
  • Power and Gas Utilities and Transmission
  • Construction
  • Infrastructure
  • Transportation
  • Forestry and environmental
  • Farming, ranching and agriculture
  • Telecommunications
  • Renewable energy