Freehold Lease and Right of Way Valuation & Negotiation

Right of Way Valuation and Negotiation

We employ Land Agents with SR/WA Certification obtained through the International Right of Way Association (IRWA) as well as with Surface Land Agent Licenses. These agents can provide a valuation to assist either private clients or public agencies in the negotiation of fair market compensation for a proposed right-of-way. Public agencies commonly acquire land for the construction or expansion of roads, highways, parks, public utilities or public buildings and infrastructure. While the process is similar to an expropriation, our agents will negotiate a mutual agreement with all interested parties so formal legal processes can be avoided, and tight timelines can be met. Our Commissioners for Oaths can handle all affidavit requirements and register documents and complete land transfers at Land Titles.

Pipeline Construction – Landowner Liaison Field Services

We are committed to meeting and communicating with inspection and construction groups on a regular basis in order to anticipate and attend to their requirements. We will make direct contact and build relationships with all stakeholders and landowners in the project areas, relay all concerns and commitments back to the client contact and ensure that all necessary compensation has been delivered to the landowners. Our team will acquire all necessary temporary working space, additional access or routing changes, and communicate those requirements to ensure accuracy of client records. In addition, we will measure and stake out any revised area prior to the construction crew entering, monitor the pipeline construction crew for any inadvertent trespass issues, monitor that gates are being kept shut or open if requested by the landowner, and monitor that adequate fencing is in place if cattle are present. Throughout the course of the project, we will negotiate and settle damages as directed by the client, regularly provide any positive or negative feedback from the stakeholders to the client, and maintain a working database or spreadsheet to accurately report all activities to the client.