About Us

Stand on uncommon ground.

As professional land consultants, our integrity may run deep, but it’s our abilities that work to elevate the quality and effectiveness of our surface or mineral land service solutions, and the strength of our character which draws us closer to the people and the places we work with. When we make a connection and forge a harmonious, lasting bond with the people and the places we work with, it’s made with natural intelligence, deliberation, honesty and respect.

At Integrity Land, we recognize that the true measures of worth for the land we proudly build our futures on, are not defined by the riches that flow beneath or across it, nor by the vastness of its pristine surface offering potential for the development of expensive structures to enable the growth of power, communication, expansion and progress, but by the people who live, love and thrive on it.

It’s a high level of fair play and harmony that we direct inward as well. Our outspoken standards and principles attract the very best in our field.

For this, we are able to remain strategically lean, flexible and scalable in number – promoting an intimate setting and structure to allow for seamless, simplified workflow and optimal response and turnaround time – because every member of our Integrity Land team is elite and capable of detail-oriented peak performance – even at high-volume. Knowledgeable, adaptable, dedicated, discreet and morally-just, their health and  happiness, allegiance, loyalty, maturity, grit and ethical character are the true measures of family, and, by virtue of them, we can confidently demonstrate size and numbers where they matter most – in our competitive rates and in our capacity for care, compassion and understanding.

Key Contacts

President, Land Agent

Danny Tchir

Vice President, Land Agent

Amanda de-Roo

Partner, Land Agent

Adam Creech

Partner, Corporate Manager

Jaclyn Wishloff

From our elevated position as a premier land services provider - and our unique location within Alberta’s Industrial Heartland - under our watchful eye, we are able to see Crown, Freehold, Traditional and Reserve land as not just plots of earth, but as a backdrop teeming with life and possibility.

Yes, our integrity may run deep, but our knowledge, insight, and deep connection to people and places truly elevates the strength and effectiveness of our work and allows our spirits to freely soar with a powerful sense of righteousness, clarity, determination and pride. Our character and our reputation are both firmly grounded to the land and heightened in the open hearts and minds of all those who work with us and for us.

Much more significant than just values of time and cost, this is how Integrity Land goes Above & Beyond for its oil & gas, pipeline, oil sands, power and gas utilities and transmission, construction, infrastructure, transportation, forestry and environmental, agriculture, telecommunications and renewable energy clients, and these are the attributes by which we truly measure our worth.