Land Administration

Real Property Purchases

Our team field scouts and identifies properties that are – or may be – suitable and of interest to our clients. We then confidentially research zoning, permissible uses, ownership and available history of those properties and approach owners to determine interest and willingness to sell, negotiate and manage the confidential purchase transaction of various properties for our clients’ needs, and finally manage the title registrations and final transfers.

Preparation for and Representation at Surface Rights Board Hearings

Upon securing Right of Entry Orders for clients and obtaining notice and direction for rental review hearings, we begin preparation for subsequent compensation hearings. As part of our preparation process we will coordinate appraisals when required, ensure site is visited and photographs are taken, review current and historical aerial photography, contact area operators for area compensation trends, research soil types and crop yield potentials, and finalize our position for the hearing with the client. In addition to preparing all evidence for the hearings, we will also write formal presentations for the hearings, attend the hearings as representatives for our clients, question the applicant, and in turn answer questions asked by SRB members and the applicant, and provide closing remarks. Once the hearing is complete we will also advise on an offer for costs.

Rental Reviews, Damage Assessments and Settlements

We write and mail or deliver Lessor notification letters, noting their right to have a rental reviewed (required by legislation) if desired. Our team is experienced in rental reviews and performs thorough research in regards to current rates and trends relating to Loss of Use and Adverse Effect. Some of the resources that we utilize include other area operators and land companies or counterparts for area compensation trends, and various agriculture marketing companies to assess crop yields and pricing for area crops. Our goal is to negotiate rentals, but our services also include representing clients at Surface Rights Board rental review hearings if reasonable rental amounts are not achievable.

In regards to damage assessments and settlements, we will view the affected area (either off lease impacts or on the Right of Way) after construction is complete. Our team will then assess impacts and natural damages, take any photographs deemed appropriate, facilitate any further clean up work or restoration required, complete any necessary research, and undertake and complete all required negotiations in working towards reaching an acceptable and fair settlement. Once this process is complete we will obtain a release upon settlement from the stakeholder.